Facts about the Smiles and Laughter

Heartily congratulate you on the Day of Laughter and offers you this little collection of facts about smiles and laughter.

Mirror smiles.

A smile is contagious. Smile passer and he will smile in response.
The scientist Ruth Campbell believes that there is a mirror neuron brain, which means that a person automatically copies the expression of a person who sees before him. Science has proven that the more you smile, the more positively react on you.

Wrinkles around the eyes.

If sincere, honest, joyful smile at the corners of the eyes are born small wrinkles.

Simulated and insincere smile stretches his cheeks only. Pay attention to your eyes when you smile.

A smile in the photo.Before photographing photographers are asked to tell the famous "Chi-i-i-s." At this point, our cheeks stretch and we did smile, but, as mentioned earlier, not with the eyes. During the photo, standing with a camera smile yourself, remembering the mirror neuron (fun memories :)) and say something more original.

A smile can be simulated without consequences.

Most people can not distinguish a fake smile, the smile on this. It is believed that the smile - the weapon of liars, that is, often smiling man probably lying. In fact, this is not true. Australian customs officials searched records from passing the border people and noticed that the illegal immigrants, smugglers, criminals are much less smile. And who will smile at the question of a customs officer, "Did you drop the bag of cocaine?"

Why monkeys do not know how to laugh and talk?

Because they do not Urgant and Martirosyan, surely it's van to mind. And you're absolutely right. Chimpanzees - are not people and they cannot physically play it. Even a verbal joke on April 1 can not say. But walking upright would save the monkeys, as they would appear ability to control breathing. Therefore, only a monkey smiling and waving.

Laughter soothes the pain.

Scientists have proved that the one who laughs lives longer. This we know! We also know about the experiences of 80th-century past, when a pair of three-piece American hospitals have created "rooms with laughter." In these rooms have collected comic books, audio-and videotapes, and humorists, too zahazhivali visit. Results: Patients were quickly written out, most significantly improved health status, number of analgesics taken by patients decreased. Smile to your health!

Smile and laugh fun together.

People alone laugh and smile often. And it is not only a lack of jokes. Scientist Robert Provine observed that only 15% of laughter is connected with the jokes, even April fools jokes. Smile and laugh more often arise in the course of the discussion is ridiculous, not only for viewing. In solitude a man often talks to himself, and laughs to himself less than with a stranger, accidentally find themselves on watching a new movie with Jim Carrey.

Women smiling lies in the nature of the brain.

People who are prone to obedience, often smiling in the presence of those who dominate them. For example, in the presence of the director. The bosses, on the contrary, subordinate only smiles in friendly circumstances. Both men and women smile at work. A woman looks at such times submissive and weak when compared with the unsmiling and stern men. It is believed that this is the result of the historical subordination of women. However, even in the age of eight months, the girls smile more youthful representatives of the stronger sex. Academic Nancy Henley calls a female smile "sign peacemaker" is used to suppress a government of men. During the communication, the girls are smiling at the 26% more often.

Smile and love.

According to studies at Harvard, the women laugh at men who like them, but men still attracted to women. Maybe that is why a sense of humor is one of the first places among the attractive qualities a man for a woman. Through the eyes of men, women do not need to tell jokes, even on April 1, it is enough to laugh at his jokes. The man, who according to the procedure with a sense of humor, is more attractive to most women.

Laughter through tears.

Ask a psychologist and he will tell you that laughter and crying are very similar. Remember when you laughed at a funny April fools joke or a hoax so much so that no longer control himself. What did you feel afterwards? Tingling all over, right? This is due to release of endorphins and you feel the rise and joy. According to Paul Ekman, we are drawn to smiling and gay people because they can really affect our nervous system. Seeing the smiling man, we smile in response, the brain produces endorphins.